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Support for Windows Active Directory has been added

Announcement from the Development team regarding PinkNotes® v4

Support for Windows Active Directory has been added

Postby JasonG » Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:45 am

If your company uses Windows Active Directory to manage its users (passwords, permissions, etc...), then you will be very happy to hear that PinkNotes® now allows user verification to be linked with your active directory verification. Simply specify the Active Directory Domain (ie. in your PNP Master Settings. When users login, their password will be validated against Active Directory instead of the PinkNotes® Plus user database.

NOTE: If you plan on using Active Directory Integration, it is important that the first PinkNotes user you create (upon initial login) be a valid Active Directory User. If your first user is not valid in the Active Directory registry, once you set the integration, the user will not longer be able to login rendering the system unusable - and you will need to re-install the PNP4 Master (Shortcut: you can shut down the PNP Master Service, delete the PNP4User.mdb file, and restart the Master Service. This will cause your user database to recreate itself from scratch).

NOTE: In order to use this feature, you must be using PinkNotes® Plus v4.70 (Client AND Master) or later.

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