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How do I password-protect administrative functions?

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How do I password-protect administrative functions?

Postby JasonG » Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:53 am

To password protect access to the editor, you can simply do the following…
  • Locate “AlphaEntry™ Editor” icon on the desktop and double-click it to open the editor
  • Click on the “Directory” Button
  • Click on the “Staff/Other” Tab
  • Select the staff member you wish to grant editor access to. If you have no staff members, add a new one (make sure to enter a first and last name, then click “Add” when done)
  • Under the selected staff member’s information, select the “Security/Access Codes” Tab
  • Click “New Code”
  • Enter the desired Alphanumeric code (suggested 4-digits) and a description
  • Click “Add Code”
  • Close the “Directory” window
  • Close the AlphaEntry™ Editor. When prompted to open AlphaEntry, select “No”
  • Locate and remove the “AlphaEntry™ Editor” icon from the desktop and Windows Start menu (Under Programs > AlphaEntry)
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