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How can I access PinkNotes® from outside the office?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:30 pm
by AlphaMedia
To setup your network so you can access your PinkNotes® Plus Master from the Internet through the PNP Client software you need to have the following:

  • A network that has a public IP address that you can use on the Internet
  • Access to go into your firewall/router settings

To login to PinkNotes® Plus from any location on the Internet you will need to enter your public IP address in the clients login screen. If you do not know what your public IP address is just go to the computer that you have your PNP Master running and open up the following link:

NOTE: There is a difference between the IP address that you use to connect to your PNP Master on your local network and the public IP address that you need to use on the Internet. If you try to login to your PNP Master from the Internet (outside of your local network) with the IP address you use on your local network, it will not work.

Once you know what your public IP address is you will then need to go into your firewall/router, that you have your PNP Master behind, and setup port forwarding for PNP. Basically what needs to be done is any traffic that comes into your firewall/router on port 9102 needs to be forwarded to the local IP that you have your PNP Master running on. For example, if the local IP address of your PNP Master is "", then in your firewall/router settings you will need to specify that any incoming traffic on port 9102 is forwarded to "".

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