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Client over internet

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Client over internet

Postby hiken » Tue Nov 04, 2008 8:44 pm

I just ran across your product and it looks like it will solve an upcoming problem I have.

I just wanted to make sure I understand this feature: running a client (not the web client) over the internet.

It looks like:

I can install the client on a remote computer on the internet.
Install the master on a server - also connected to the internet.
Get a static IP for the server connection.
Set up port forwarding on the router on the server end.

After that - will the remote client work pretty much like a client on the local lan?

Also - do I need to purchase a license for each anticipated user? Or do I need a license for each computer Pinknotes is run on?

What happens if someone runs two instances of the client on two separate computers and uses the same login name on each?

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Re: Client over internet

Postby KeithM » Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:13 am

The steps you listed to setup PinkNotes Plus to work from outside your local network are correct. For further details you can look at:

Remote clients will function exactly the same as a client connected on the local network. There are no limitations in using PNP outside of your network.

You will need to purchase a registration for the maximum number of users you would like to setup in PinkNotes Plus. You can install the PNP Client software on as many computers as you would like. You are just limited to the number of users that you can login at once.

NOTE: you can always upgrade your registration to allow more users in the future if needed.

PinkNotes Plus will not allow you to login with the same username from two different clients at once. If a user is already logged in and then you login the same username from a different location you will be asked if you would like to disconnect the initial login.
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