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PinkNotes® as an Alarm Clock

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:37 pm
by AlphaMedia
One of our most frequently heard uses for PinkNotes® is people sending "Send Later" messages to themselves at a later date (perhaps even recurring) as reminders. Messages such as "Don't forget to pay your car insurance bill" can be self-sent monthly on (or before) the due date of the bill. I can't tell you how often we hear of this use, so if you're not using this feature then you're not using PinkNotes® to its fullest!

Re: PinkNotes® as an Alarm Clock

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:08 am
by Julian
I've been using pink notes for many, many years and yes, this is one feature I use all the time. Although the office calendar rules everybody, I use the pink notes to put emphasis on things, even things calendared for any employee if I feel it necessary I prepare and calender a pink note to show up when I know he or she will be at the office on the day or the day before the scheduled item. And it works! I have employees "asking" me to remind them of this and that, so I sent a memo to everyone how to do it, why, and now it seems it is like a normal feature. I think pink notes should really have a button labeled REMINDERS so that it can easily visualized by new users.